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4th of July & the San Juan Islands

By on July 4, 2016

Day 42: Seattle, WA > San Juan Islands “Kanacka Bay”

Tina's House on San Juan Island!

Tina’s House on San Juan Island!

Woke up early, drank our coffee, and were on our way. Tiffany Armstrong joined our party as well as one of Tina’s friends from High School, Gabe. After an hour drive, we got on the ferry in Anacortes to Friday Harbor. We were the third-to-last car on the boat, and didn’t think we would make it. The Gods were good to us, and we sailed off through Puget Sound. Such a charming and magical part of the world. A quick drive got us from Friday Harbor to Tina’s house on Kanacka Bay. We were instantly in awe. The cove Tina’s house was on was so full of life. Deer lived in the driveway woods, a great blue heron greeted us in the tree outside, two mated bald eagles soared above, and a newborn baby seal barked down on the beach – its mother keeping watch from the mouth of the cove. We stood on the patio & soon after cracked open a beer. The afternoon was spent exploring our new ecosystem as we imbibed. The baby seal soon started showing signs of distress, and drew the attention of our crew as well as all the neighbors in the cove. Each with their own idea about what to do. The majority voted to leave it alone, but some were curious & went to get close to our new fuzzy friend. Volunteers from the whale museum came to hammer signs in the sand with warnings of prosecution for disturbing it. The mom seal stayed away, and we all hoped the baby would make it through the night. Teresa & Andrew Rossi joined the party. We stayed up until 4:00am playing “Pass the Pigs” and sitting around the fire. It felt good to be surrounded by friends again. I didn’t want to go to bed.
Day 43: San Juan Islands, WA
28961722065_e973afd3b8_kSlept in and cooked a hearty breakfast while we drank our coffee. I started a 420 piece puzzle wit pieces shaped like animals. A beautiful piece of art that would soon take the shape of a technicolor wolf. I couldn’t take my eyes off this challenge until it was complete. We drank mimosas and enjoyed the sea breeze and each other’s company. More pass-the-pigs ensued, and we didn’t leave the house all day or night, save a mid-day stroll down the beach to search for muscles & stretch our legs. I took a quick dip in the water, but we tried to stay off the beach because the baby seal still suffered down below – no mom in sight. In the evening, the Whale Museum came back to take its vital signs, but wouldn’t take it to safety. With a healthy seal population in the area, this kind of thing is just part of the circle of life. The pup’s mom is the only chance it had for survival. Such a hear-breaking thing to watch, but also an interesting subject for discussion as budding naturalists. We named our seal Henry.

Day 44: San Juan Islands, WA
We woke up on Sunday eager to get out and explore. Tiffany, John and I took a ferry to neighboring Orcas Island & drove up to Constitution Peak – the highest elevation in the San Juans. The views were incredible! We could see all the way to Vancouver & what seemed like every island in Puget Sound for hundreds of miles. We took a 4 mile trail run to Little Summit & got our hearts pumping. Then, we raced back to to the ferry to get back to Tina’s house. Alas, the 4:25 didn’t run on Sunday, so we found ourselves w/ 3 extra hours in Orcas Island. We strolled through the town and sampled brews at Island Hopper Brewing Company. We picked up pasta dinner for the house and then took our sunset cruise home. W returned to find raptors eating the remains of our baby seal, and said our crestfallen goodbyes to Henry. After pasta dinner, a final night of party began. More pass-the-pigs and kings cup got us laughing. The night ended with twerk practice and our weekend mantra…”That’s a Pig Out”.

Day 45: San Juan Islands, WA > Seattle, WA
Woke up and spent the morning packing up the house. After we got dressed in our red, white & blue, we made our way into town for a bite to eat before catching the ferry back to Anacortes. We ate crab benedict & drank Bloody Mary’s at Blue Water in Friday harbor. We made our way back to Tina’s house in Hunter’s Point & enjoyed the evening on her back patio overlooking Lake Union. When darkness fell, we went to her friends’ house on the other side of the point to see Firework Wars! All the neighbors were setting them off before the Seattle barge started. They were so close and so impressive. We played pass-the-pigs one last time – for old time’s sake – and then went to bed, exhausted from a weekend full of fun.



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