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California's Rugged Northern Coast

By on May 29, 2016

Day 5: Santa Rosa > Bodega Bay
Puppy sat for Stella while I worked from her house. Thank you Pauline for the shower, wifi and incredible hospitality! We left Santa Rosa around 5 and drove the very windy Bohemian Highway towards the coast. We made to the ocean, and felt like we could kick our feet up. We had our first campfire at Bodega Dunes campground. The views all along Sonoma Beach State Park coastline were lovely.

Day 6: Bodega Bay
Liked it so much at Bodega bay that we stayed an extra night. We were very happy to slow down. I took a beach run and saw a beached whale and a flock of turkey vultures. Not much else to report for the day – just rest.

Day 7: Bodega Bay > Mendocino
One of the best days. We took our time driving up Highway 1. We stopped in Fort Bragg and 100 little turnouts along the way. We found a secret beach only accessible via ropes and steep rocks. I was not wearing the right shoes, and was terrified of falling, but I climbed on anyways. The beach was so peaceful, and we took a moment of meditation there. We kept driving North until we stopped in Mendocino at 4pm for a beer. Stayed at the bar all night. Met a man named Jimmy who bought us celebratory beers, saw a pig in a tutu doing tricks on the sidewalk, learned about a woman named Donna D’s cartel connections and got invited by Sonya to stay at her mango plantation in Mexico this winter. They sure are friendly in Mendocino!

Day 8: Mendocino > Arcata
Woke up on the most beautiful coastal road (right outside of Dick’s the bar), and I took a walk on the headlands while John slept. It was here in Mendocino that I started to fall in love with the flowers. Wild calla lilies waved in the ocean breeze, and California poppies greeted the sunshine. I got back to the van, and we got back on the road. Arrived to a warm welcome at Kevin Nolan’s house in Arcata. We all ate a delicious sushi dinner in the square and celebrated his graduation into the night.