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Redwood Empire

By on May 29, 2016

Day 9: Arcata

Woke up and went for a morning walk in the Arcata neighborhood redwood forest. Saw the kinectic festival in the afternoon and decided that we’re participating in 2017! Ate a fried chicken sandwich & drank 2 pitchers @ Mad River Brew Co. The live music and mountain views had us jamming. Got back to Kevin’s where we spent a few hours helping him pack. Three generations of Humboldt State University students before him had left the place with so much random crap it was ridiculous. We made it fun and jumped in for our friend. Moving sucks, and I’m feeling grateful for my new tiny home on wheels. We have just what we need…although John always has a shopping list. Things we picked out of Kevin’s trash: crushed red pepper, a fire extinguisher, 10 brewery coasters, 5 magnets, 10 thumbtacks, a bottle of baileys a broken mountain bike, and one horse shaped piñata.

Day 10: Arcata

We woke up late and bathed in Kevin’s internet all day. Took today off from traveling to chill. I took Kevin’s dog Archer for a run to the wildlife conservatory, and we ate sandwiches from the Hole in the Wall deli.

Day 11: Arcata > Redwood National Park > Crescent City

We took off straight from Arcata when we woke up and drove to the Kuchel Visitor Center to a acquire a permit and code for the Tall Trees Grove. Here is where the Tallest Trees in the world call home. We opened the gate and took off on a glorious hike through forests lined with Pacific Rhododendron flowers. We waded 2 miles down the Emerald river and I discovered a lamprey (although I didn’t know what it was at the time) attached to the river rocks. Twas a fine time. We were sweaty when the 5 miles were done & kept driving North. We stopped at a glistening beach, drank a beer and watched 3 Oystercatcher birds play in the waves. We drove on and stopped in Crescent City for a sunset nap, and then slept for the night in a Walmart parking lot. We finally got all of our reflectics working, and we were warm and cozy.

Day 12: Crescent City > Jedidiah Smith

Stopped at the DMV first thing in the morning to get my new Sarah Houghton driver’s license before we crossed the border into Oregon. I worked from a Starbucks most of the day, and then we pressed on back into the forest. We camped at our favorite Jedidiah Smith State Park. Had a campfire and shared camp with a varied thrush and a steller’s jay.