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The Midwest

South Dakota & The Badlands

By on September 22, 2016

Day 125: Badlands, SD > Rapid City, SD

Woke up early (7:40) in hopes of getting tickets to the Minute Man Missile Museum tour. We did, and drove down the road where 10 nuclear missiles once were stored underground during the Cold War. Our tour guide used to be stationed here for 8 years, ready to turn a key and destroy the world. The United States had 1,500 warheads at the height of the war in order to assure mutual destruction if the Russians ever dared to strike. It was this escalation of arms, however, that kept the peace. After an hour of seeing the underground chambers where minutemen spent their days, John & I pressed on toward the Badlands National Park. The painted hills inspired a reigniting of our curiosity and we explored the desert looking for fossils. The sun came out and we could see these formations for miles around. We stopped to watch the prairie dogs and saw hundreds of them. We also spotted a prong horned antelope and a small herd of big horned sheep. Then, we set our sights on Mt. Rushmore. As we drove up the road outside of Rapid City, the van started giving us trouble. It suddenly didn’t have the torque to go up the grade. We never made it to this famously presidential mountain, but rather turned around to make a maintenance appointment for hour home on wheels. We spent the evening at Planet Fitness trying to work off the candy guilt from the night before. Then, we went to Longhorn Stakehouse for a Friday night date and prime rib…guess we’ve got a lot of work to do on that diet. We slept in a Walmart parking lot…we want our groove back!

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The Midwest

September 17, 2016