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The Midwest

The Midwest

By on September 17, 2016

Day 107: Lincoln, NE > Des Moines, Iowa

Slept in & had a leisurely morning in the Walmart parking lot (something I never thought I would say). We had a Runza for lunch by recommendation from my parents who used to live here many moons ago while my Dad finished his PhD. Really, a Runza is a glorified hot pocket with ground beef, onions and cabbage. I liked it. Then, we were back on the road. We finished the Andromeda Stain just before we arrived in Des Moines. 4 hours on the corn highway was about all we could handle. I took a run around the Historic River Walk and saw the beautiful dam in the middle of town Then, I met John at Mickey’s Irish pub and we polished off a few brews. We ate dinner at Fuzzy Tacos and then drove our van to the Flying J truck stop to sleep. This was not one of my most glamorous days on Earth, but we’re crossing through the heartland of the country and this is the real #vanlife.

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